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Mission statement

A place where broken lives are healed.


Why we do what we do

110 Middle Abbey Street was previously the headquarters of a well-known betting office back in the early 1970’s. Many people who struggled with a gambling addiction were influenced for the worst as a result of their time spent at this premises.

Since this building became a place of worship, things have changed radically. Hundreds of people have come and gone over the years but there have been no losers, apart from those who did not open their hearts to receive Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. 

The truth is that 'God heals the broken-hearted and He binds us their wounds.' We have experienced this for ourselves and we have seen it happen in countless lives. The power of guilt, depression, fear, addiction, anger and despair have had to submit to a greater authority. Even crippling disease has been healed in the name of Jesus Christ and His gospel.

Weekly announcements

weekly announcements


We continue to keep the doors open in obedience to His command which tells us to freely give as we have freely received.

We fully expect to see many more broken lives being put back together in the days ahead. Perhaps you will be among them. 

Psalm 149:1

"God heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds." (NIV)

Christian Assembly Evangelical Church is a registered charity in Ireland. CHY 6025. 110 Middle Abbey, Street Dublin 1.

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